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Manulife Securities believes that the best way to help Canadian savers is to provide them with independent and impartial financial advice. Through a network of more than 1,200 representatives across the country, we offer you a full range of financial services and products to help you invest in your future.

As of January 31st January, Manulife Securities manages 34.4 billion* dollars of assets and is an exclusive subsidiary of Manulife, a Canadian group and financial service leader with operations in Asia, Canada, and the United States. The representatives of Manulife Securities are specialists in the financial industry who can offer you a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs. Depending on the type of license the representatives have, they operate with Manulife Securities Incorporated, Manulife Investment Services Inc., or offer insurance solutions through Manulife Investments Insurance Inc.


• Tax efficiency at portfolio level (elimination of taxable income generated by your non-registered portfolios, withdrawal of RRSP portfolios, etc).

• Protection of assets in the event of downturn or correction of the markets by negative correlation in the portfolio.

• Minimization of management fees to maximize net return.

• Performance of investments according to asset allocations and market volatility.

• Optimization of the portfolio in order to surpass the indices.

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For your future


Investments and Asset Management

  • • Establishment of objectives and goals and required rate of return.
  • • Asset allocation based on personal objectives.
  • • Selection of investments in harmony with objectives and risk tolerance.
  • • Tax-efficient investments.
  • • Fee analysis.
  • • Ongoing monitoring (performance and objectives).

Retirement Planning

  • • Projection and analysis of income at retirement.
  • • Analysis of needs at retirement.
  • • Retirement allowance.
  • • TFSA or RSP ?
  • • Establishment of objectives and goals.
  • • Analysis of CPP and OAS.

Estate Planning

  • • Legacy planning.
  • • Estate.
  • • Inter-generational transfer.
  • • Patrimonial goods.
  • • Gifts to children.
  • • Trusts.
  • • Charitable donations.
*Some estate planning strategies may require the intervention of a lawyer.

Reduction of Tax Burden (strategies)

  • • Tax-efficient investments.
  • • Deferral of tax.
  • • Conversion for tax purposes.
  • • Transfer of property to the estate.
  • • Income splitting.
  • • Inter-generational transfer.
*Tax minimization strategies follow the rules put forth by the CRA and may require the involvement of an accredited accountant.

Businesses (big and small)

  • • Investment and asset management.
  • • RSP Group.
  • • Tax efficiency of commercial income.
  • • Social advantages.

Wealth risk management

  • • Protection of assets in the event of downturn or correction of the markets.
  • • Fixed income strategies.
  • • Low volatility portfolios.
  • • Investments risk management.


Corey Mancuso

Investment Advisor | Manulife Securities Incorporated

1405 Trans-Canada suite 200, Dorval, Québec H9P 2V9

Mobile: 514-358-4527

Office: 514-421-7090 Ext: 313

Fax: 514-421-8970

"My interests are aligned with those of my clients"

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Corey Mancuso completed the Canadian Securities Course through the Canadian Securities Institution to begin his career as an investment advisor. He is now part of a team of advisors that ranks amongst the top 25 Manulife advisors across Canada, in terms of assets under administration. He believes wholeheartedly that dedication, hard work, determination, and discipline are the keys to his success. It is by being fully committed to the financial success and the achievement of the retirement objectives of his clients that Corey values active listening during each meeting in order to target the various points that can usually be neglected and/or underestimated in portfolios. "As full-service brokers, we are not tied to in-house products; we have access to a full range of financial products." By this very fact, Corey makes it his duty to find the best fund managers across the industry. His primary mandate is to reduce management fees and the investment tax burden. "If we can reduce what people lose in fees and taxes on their investments, the net return is automatically higher".


Au cours des quatre dernières années, nous avons pu bénéficier des services de Corey. Nous avons grandement apprécié son professionnalisme, ses judicieux conseils et, surtout, le grand respect dont il a fait preuve à notre égard. Nous nous sentons en confiance avec lui et c’est sans hésitation que nous le recommandons.

Michel & Marie - Vaudreuil

Nous sommes très contents du service et des conseils de M. Mancuso. Depuis plusieurs années déjà, il nous aide à atteindre nos objectifs de retraite. Nous sommes confiants que nos intérêts lui tiennent à cœur et il est toujours disponible pour répondre à tout nos questions. Son travail minutieux, son approche singulière et ses connaissances en finance font que nous le recommandons sans aucun doute.

Martin - Laval

Corey se distingue par son honnêteté, son professionnalisme et son intégrité. Il m’inspire la confiance et prend toujours le temps de m’expliquer ses recommandations en détail en s’assurant que je comprenne toujours très bien. Corey retourne rapidement mes appels peu importe la journée ou l’heure, ce qui est pour moi une qualité fondamentale pour un conseiller en placement. Il se démarque énormément par ses qualités de communication et son respect envers ses clients. Je n’hésite pas à le référer aux membres de ma famille et à mes amis.

Carole - L’Ile-Bizard

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